Commercial Electrician

Commercial Electrician facilities must provide comfort and agility to the daily life of the place. Therefore, when hiring a commercial electrician, be sure that he will install it safely and efficiently, thus avoiding the need for new repairs.

commercial electrician

Our company has been in business for many years and will be able to provide the best installation for you. Get in touch with the company’s Commercial Consultants team and hire the commercial electrician service. We have all the skills required to carry out your industrial electrical work. We master to perfection all techniques of alarm installation, connection and movement of machines. You will also be part of the company’s list of satisfied customers.

We offer the best services, grow gradually and sustainably, research innovations and trends in technology in order to train our employees and partners, bringing solutions that help in the safety and development of our customers. Our Electro-technician, are fully experienced, highly qualified, and trained constantly ready to attend any project of low and medium voltage.

  • Projects and installation of building and residential electrical network;
  • Elaboration and Execution of Electrical Installations Projects;
  • Industrial Electrical Projects;
  • External and Internal Lighting Projects;
  • Electric power distribution boards and panels;
  • Analysis for Implementation of Low Voltage Systems;
  • Lightning Protection System (SPDA);
  • Load Increase Studies;
  • Commercial Electrical Projects;
  • Grounding System;
  • Project and Installation of stabilized Electrical Network for Informatics;
  • “As-Built” documentation


  • Medium-voltage circuit breakers;
  • Electric switchboards;
  • Modernization and adaptation to current standards.

Activities of commercial electrician

The specialized activities carried out by a commercial electrician comprise many attributes in internal solutions, such as conversion of sockets from 110V to 220V, installation of lamps, chandeliers and recessed lighting, electrical renovation in stores, installation and cabling of telephony and computer network, installation new standard socket, light board installation, power leakage testing, and repair, electrical grounding for outlets, increased electrical load, emergency, and brake light installation, fuse replacement, circuit breakers, and switches, among other applications and solutions.

Safe commercial electrical installation

All jobs are performed with deep expertise and full attention to each customer’s requests, in the most diverse situations. We work directly with our team, a commercial electrician, whether providing consultancy for your electrical installation, guidelines, and technical standards in the electrical sector.

Our main objective is to offer you the most competent and qualified commercial electrician in Australia to provide all electrical services to your home, store, or company. Through the work of our commercial electrician, adjustments will be made to preserve the harmony and comfort of your space, with less energy consumption.

Benefits of having a commercial electrician

  • Lowest price commercial electrician

  • Commercial Electrician in SP

  • Residential Commercial Electrician

  • Commercial electrician for companies

  • Commercial Electrician Telephony

  • Commercial electrician design and installation

  • Commercial electrician electrical maintenance in SP

Proven certification of quality services

Our company provides, all sales, distribution, installation, and repair consultancy services are recognized by the market, for the quality obtained and applied dedication of their professionals, as well as their agents are certified, such as the commercial electrician with records that attest to their competencies and skills to serve the market always with differentiation and focus.


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