Do plumbers charge per visit?

Logically, each staff dedicated to dealing with breakdowns and failures in water systems ( plumbing ) will need certain things to perform their work such as time, parking, food depending on how big the failure is, in the same way it is at the discretion of each technician individually.

Bad smells in the pipes?

Another of the most frequently asked questions in this area are bad odors in the pipes or pipes that come out throughout the home: sinks, dishwashers, bathrooms, etc. First, you have to look for where the bad smells come from and their possible causes, a solution could be home remedies to scare away those bad smells from the pipes and pipes, but they usually come back with more force.

Blockages in the pipes?

In this space, we will show you some common problems and some home remedies to clean clogged pipes. Always all the parts such as heaters or showers need maintenance, making this a common problem the obstruction of the water outlet of the shower.

Why my titan water heater won’t turn on

 want to ask for help, I was installing a titan l-85 water heater, I did the correct electrical installation with a 30 amp double breaker, I connected the water pipe and the cpvc correctly and at the time of testing, it did not give any light signal.